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Survease is based
on 4 following concepts


Simplicity is very important when developing software. Analysing our potential competition we came to the conclusion that Survease must be simple, clear and easy to use even for users with no experience. You don’t have to do everything from scratch as everything you might need is ready to use.


It is important that you can concentrate on improving your product or service based on the feedback you get and avoid spending lots of time and energy on preparing the surveys and analysing the responses.


Excessive functionality makes a platform complicated and confusing. We made sure that our solutions are easy to use without unnecessary features. That way the system is more clear and understandable for you as its user.


The client wants to share experience. When leaving feedback, even a negative one, the client’s experience can be improved by showing that you care and timely react to the received feedback. Survease is the only solution in Estonia to date that allows two-sided communication.

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