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Solution for e-commerce industry

The ecommerce feedback solution your small business needs to grow revenue

Survease helps to know your customers better. Know the pulse of your customers and understand their preferences. But merely knowing customer preferences isn’t sufficient to thrive in this industry; business owners must put themselves in the shoes of the customers to understand their pain points as well.

Customer satisfaction surveys packed with amazing features lets you in on everything you need to keep them coming back. Get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. Use those insights to drive improvements across your products and services.

Get More Feedback,
Get More Shoppers

Trigger an email survey
after delivery!

Exclusive and happy surprises can make any shoppers happy. Mark your first interaction with your shoppers amazing with an email triggered to reach at a time your desire.

Learn from your shoppers
with advance reports!

Increase shoppers satisfaction with easily accessible, information-rich yet straightforward reports. Exceed your client’s expectations with the right information.

with e-commerce CMS

Magento, WooCommerce

Gather quality shoppers feedback real-time

Gathering feedback

Our web based platform gives you an option to either easily compile your own survey or use existing ones to get to know what your clients think of your company.

Feedback analytics

Survease allows you to supervise client feedback and responses collected in real time, compile detailed reports, sort client feedback based on different parameters and carry out in-depth analysis.

Grow your business

A good product and service improves based on client feedback and reflects the company’s goodwill. Survease allows you to communicate with clients directly, quickly implement change and grow your product.

A smart solution for customer
and employee feedback

Gather insights into what your customers and employees
need so that you can evolve with them.

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