Survease features (Eng)

Survease features (Eng)
Roman Hromenkov

Survey experience

The Survease survey experience is carefully crafted to showcase your brand, respect your customers’ time, and maximize the quality of customer feedback.

Look and feel

Customize your survey to match your brand. Add your logo and change colors to make it your own.

Optimized for mobile

Survease surveys are designed to work beautifully on all platforms and devices, allowing your customers to leave feedback wherever they are.

Intro message

Sometimes you may want to add a bit more of your brand voice to your survey. A short intro message can do the trick.

Free response feedback

The true power of Survease is the free response feedback follow-up question. Let your customers tell you how they feel, in their own words.

Thank you messages

Once your customers have provided feedback, they are presented a custom message based on how they responded. Direct them to social media or offer additional help for upset customers.