Analysis & reporting (Eng)

Analysis & reporting (Eng)
Roman Hromenkov

Analysis and reporting

Survease helps you gain insight from the feedback your customers are sharing. Get a bird’s eye view of customer happiness, or drill down to acute issues.

Realtime responses

Feedback appears in your dashboard in realtime. Typing indicators let you know when someone is leaving a comment, right now

Search by time range

View your feedback and Customer Satisfaction Score over a specific range of time.

Dashboard filtering

In addition to filtering by promoters, passives, detractors, and tags, you can also filter responses by any properties you’ve passed along with them.

Tag responses

Tags allow you to categorize responses once they’ve arrived. Use them to flag people for reaching out, or as an additional layer of organization.

Export data

We make it easy to get your data out of Survease for further analysis with your existing tools.

PDF reports

PDF exports allow you to create reports from the dashboard and share them with people who may not be active users of Survease.